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Scott gardner

Bilingual Wedding Minister


There are experiences that you anticipate to be life changing like a graduation, wedding or having a child. But sometimes within that experience there is a moment, when you realize how truly fortunate you are to be right where you are. In a wedding, it's A feeling that you are exactly where you should be, with exactly the right person. Someone who chooses you to share their life with you. My goal is that within your wedding ceremony you have one of those moments.

-Scott Gardner

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I began officiating weddings in 2008 with the goal of providing a heartfelt, unifying celebrations. I am proud to offer wedding ceremonies to English and Spanish speakers. Bilingual weddings especially allow all guests, even if they don’t speak the same language, to feel welcomed and included in a shared experience. Bilingual ceremonies are tailored to suite the needs of the specific guests.

My greatest joy in life is sharing genuine moments with others. Most of my favorite moments have been shared with my wife and our two boys as we adventure through life together. We have spent the last fifteen years learning from one another, laughing together and loving each other intentionally and unapologetically. Our relationship has evolved over the years but the center is always respect and support. The undeniable truth is her respect and support have been a part of every personal and professional achievement I have had. I savor every opportunity to reflect on the humbling gift that love is to those of us blessed by it. 

My favorite aspect of officiating weddings is being part of a beautifully genuine moment. A wedding is a rare opportunity in which we celebrate our love for another soul. We declare our intention to share our life with this one, precious person. An event that important deserves to be celebrated with heartfelt respect for love and the inspiring way it shapes us. I am incredibly grateful to those who have trusted me with such an important experience. 



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